Sunday, May 17, 2009

TractorShare Acquires Tractor for Limbe, Haiti

TractorShare President/CEO Ron Buikema (L) accepts delivery of a 33 HP Belarus 250Atractor in like-new condition from Dr. James Roberts (R). Dr. Roberts serves as TractorShare's Senior Technical Advisor.

TractorShare has completed acquisiton and acceptance testing of a 33 HP Belarus 250A tractor, destined for service in Limbe, Haiti. Limbe is located in Northern Haiti beween the major cities of Cap-Haitien and Gonaives. The tractor will be managed by the Limbe Fire Department, who will have responsibility for routine maintenance, training on the use and safety of the farm equipment, and for ensuring that the local farming community has easy access to the tractor and associated farm implements. TractorShare estimates that this one tractor can improve the production and management of at least twenty farming families, plus providing support to the fire department in such areas as road management and irrigation canal maintenance. This tractor will in fact benefit the quality of life for the entire community!


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