Sunday, March 28, 2010

If You Live in Port-au-Prince...

If you live in Port-au-Prince today:
  • You probably live in a tent - if your home is still standing, you don't feel safe living in it
  • You probably have no job, no means of income or support for your family
  • You are living one day at a time, not thinking beyond making it through today
  • You are carrying your important personal papers with you everywhere...because they are not safe in your tent
  • You didn't get enough to eat today
  • Your spirit is not broken, but you could use some help
  • You want to work...nothing would make you happier than providing for your family
  • Your life changed forever because of the earthquake
  • You are at risk every night of being robbed or assaulted, with crime getting out of control

Port-au-Prince Visit by Kim Complete

Kim, our Chairman, spent the past week in Port-au-Prince with our great team of Haitian firefighters.  We officially turned over the Ford 4500 tractor to them, transitioned it from port operations to recovery missions in the city of Carrefour, conducted training, maintenance, and completed a needs assessment.  We're just getting started in recovery, but have never felt stronger about our mission and need to support the people of Haiti in their time of need.

We still need your support, please don't forget the people of Haiti!

Monday, March 22, 2010

TractorShare Deploys Haitian Assessment Teams

We have two ongoing assessments in Haiti this week.  Ben is in Limbe, observing our agricultural activities.  We're supporting subsistence farmers, organized into cooperatives, with the assistance of the Belarus tractor during the planting season, which will be essential to increasing their crop yield.  Food shortages continue to be reported throughout the country, and we remain focused on increasing the yield of Haitian farmers as the best way to alleviate the shortage.

Meanwhile, Kim is conducting an assessment of earthquake recovery operations in Port-au-Prince.  She'll be meeting with Haitian and US officials, observing the operations of the recently-deployed industrial tractor, and conducting a needs assessment so that we can plan our next steps.

We'll be posting pics next week of our teams and activities!

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Tractor Arrives in Port au Prince!

Our Ford 4500 industrial tractor just offloaded at the port of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, from the Motor Vessel Crimson Clover this afternoon!  Our Haitian firefighters will spend two days on orientation and safety training, then get right to work on Monday clearing a school from debris, so that students can return to the classroom!

Thanks so much to the efforts of our friends at U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) and the Office of Foreign Disaster Assessment (OFDA) for their help in getting the tractor in-country!