Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farmers in Northern Haiti Staying Busy with TractorShare

Our farmers in the community of Gros Morne are staying extremely busy, working with the Belarus  TractorShare #1 tractor and implements, that have now been deployed for over one year!  Crop yield is improving just in time to meet the incredible demands caused by the untold thousands of displaced people that have moved out of the capital after the earthquake.  Food production and distribution continue to be so important during the recovery effort.  This picture says it all...this is why TractorShare exists...please help.

Port au-Prince Update

Our recovery work in Port au Prince continues.  Our team of Haitian firefighters have been working every day, keeping the TractorShare #2 industrial tractor at work.  There's so much to do.  We have a dedicated team of workers, including our own maintenance personnel...and your help is very much appreciated.

Here are recent photos in Carrefour, working in the streets, clearing away debris, trying to make the road passable for vehicles and people.  This is what we're doing, every day.

Prepping a New Tractor for a New Project!

We're very excited to be preparing a totally re-built 1943 Farmall H tractor for our new project in the Yucatan Peninsula.  We are VERY grateful to Wes, who did all of the re-work, including a brand new engine, and donating it to TractorShare!  We think that she is beautiful!  We plan on shipping during September, and are now getting ready to purchase implements and put the package together.  Thanks Wes!  Find out how you can donate a tractor or farm implements and receive a charitable tax deduction!

Here's a pic of Chairman of the Board Kim and President/CEO Ron after adding a fresh coat of red Farmall paint...she looks great!