Sunday, May 17, 2009

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Donating to TractorShare

Photo taken and provided by M Eriksson, "Sisters in Les Cayes"

Why should you consider TractorShare for your donation over all of the other nonprofits? Certainly, there are many nonprofits that are doing important work in the fields of development, distribution of food, and poverty relief. We commend their efforts in providing these critical services. We do believe, however, that TractorShare is unique in our mission and our approach because:

1. We focus on empowerment - local community leaders know what their needs are.TractorShare focuses on agricultural empowerment. We believe that we can support agricultural communities in improving their production, but not by telling them what crops to raise, when to plant, or where to sell. Our trust remains with the local community.

2. Our approach provides immediate AND long-term relief.One tractor can support up to twenty farming families for over ten years. While the improvement in production may increase over five-fold in the first year alone, imagine the impact that a tractor can have on those families, on the community, when it is working for over ten years! It means ending the cycle of subsistence farming. It means that children who previously had to work the fields can now go to school. And it means that land that was eroding and dying is now becoming productive.

3. 100% of your donation goes to direct relief - purchasing agricultural equipment, logistics support, and technical training - 100%Our dedicated staff works without a salary. We have no swanky office building. If you donate to TractorShare, you know what your funds are being used for. TractorShare is dedicated to being good stewards of your donated funds.

4. TractorShare enables a partnership between the community and the local population.If you are a farmer in Limbe, Haiti, and you need the use of a tractor, who do you go to? The Fire Service. That's because the Fire Service secures, maintains, and drives the TractorShare equipment. They ensure fair use, and also serve as a community aid for technical support. The people making the difference, in this example, are Haitians helping Haitians...and we think that's just what it should be.

5. TractorShare assets do more than raise crops.Don't get us wrong, improving the productivity of farmers in developing countries is at the core of our mission. Many developing countries lack the tools and technical support to feed their own people, and we believe that tractors can alleviate those challenges. Tractors, however, can do so much more for the entire community. They can provide emergency power to a local hospital. They can maintain critical fresh water irrigation systems. They can drill for fresh water that supports the entire community. They can clear roads. And they can be on the scene after natural disaster such as mud slides or hurricanes. We can have TractorShare assets in place, where they are needed most, whatever the situation on the ground.

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